Satellite Communication: BGAN Systems

The field of satellite communication continues to advance with high-tech and sophisticated technologies emerging. BGAN systems are part of the technological advancements that have received applause from the communication industry. Broadband Global Aerial Network (BGAN) system is rated as the first communication service system that has made it possible simultaneously to incorporate both broadband data and broadband wireless voice in a single, portable device, in any place on the internet.

BGAN systems enable you to access your broadband services and set a broadband network service in a couple of minutes. At a speed of around half a megabit, BGAN enables you to access your data applications and make a phone call at the same time. All these is made possible by the use of a satellite phone. Such technologies are not common and accessible to many people. However, they are common in mining and exploration firms and governments since their operation is sometimes in places where there is no network coverage for the ordinary phones.

The Performance of BGAN system

BGAN system is a sophisticated system that cannot be fully analyzed in this article. However, summarily, BGAN system comprises of a number of data connections that favor different applications. BGAN provides a data connection of up to 500 kbps, supporting standard office-type applications such as emailing and basic access to internet and access to corporate networks through Virtual Private Network (VPN) platforms.

BGAN has a portfolio that allows a user to select a suitable streaming rate for the data applications. The technology can also allow you to access Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) at a maximum speed of 64kbps. These services are highly on demand and are equally guaranteed. Therefore, you can at any time be able to select a streaming rate for your applications ranging from videoconferencing to live broadcasting through the satellite. The brilliant performance of BGAN system is also marked with the system’s ability to allow a phone call while opening a standard IP session. You can be able to access voice services by the help of Bluetooth or a standard port depending on the BGAN terminal you choose. A comopany specialising in Satellite communication including BGAN systems for mining, exploration and construction sites in rural areas is Milpeak Pty Ltd, you can find them at

Key Benefits of BGAN Systems.

BGAN has a number of benefits all inclusive but not limited to;
. Enjoying a speed of 492 kbps in accessing data applications while making calls at the same time.
. Enjoying top security since the construction of the infrastructure is slightly sophisticated.
. Enjoying high profiled value-added servicing. For example, the secure interconnection solution.
. Ability to move all over the world and still access broadband applications through the help of user-friendly software interface.
. Freely access roaming services from light-wave BGAN terminals in four different continents.


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